Search Engine Marketing Tools – Improve Search Engine Ranking

Effective search engine marketing tools are essential to today’s online marketer…

Its obvious to most web users, marketer’s alike, that to ensure your success online, one need’s to improve upon ones web presence i.e. get yourself noticed, improve upon your site visibility. And, you need to do so, in a much more effective, efficient, and productive manner, as competition is much more prevalent these days. Yet, of course, we should still remain within the bounds of good quality, and great content too.

In fact, your immediate and 3 major online goals to success should be something like;

Visibility – ensuring that the search engines can find you
Traffic – get more qualified, convertible visitors to your website
Presence – continually improve on your website exposure

All things being equal, if you can master, or improve, these three items, it should equate to your online success.

But “You can’t do the job, without the tools”…as they always say

For most of us, cost is an important factor in obtaining useful, tangible search engine marketing tools, especially at the onset of your marketing campaign, when you are still on a tight budget.

In fact, I have personally spent numerous, countless hours looking for effective search engine marketing tools, ones that can truly do the job, or perform as prescribed, and still remain within my personal budget, or, that are freely available.

If, you are in a similar situation as me, then fear not, hope is not lost, as there are numerous options. In fact, heaps of Search Engine Marketing Tools are available, we just need to look around, and, think out of the box..! If you always do what you’ve always done…you will always get what you’ve always got..!

So for search engine marketing, great niche, or keyword research tools, even high PR backlinks! Then Google’s very own backyard is probably one of the best, and easiest of places to find some truly useful, and, free search engine marketing tools.

Remember; If you want to catch a fish…think like a fish, not, a fisherman…Thinking like your customers, can only benefit you…so use what your customers are using “Google”

Another famous quote springs to mind “Judge a man by his questions, not his answers”- Voltaire….so what are your potential customer’s questions? What are they actually searching for?

Google Search Box is used daily by almost everyone online…but, what about;

“Query Suggestions” go to Google preferences and click on “Provide query suggestions in the search box” this will provide you with some really useful and relevant suggestions when doing your initial research.

Then there is “Advanced Search” great for not only finding niches, new markets, but some really cool sites, with high page rank, excellent for commenting, and, building backlinks. Want to learn how to use “Advanced Search” then check out ‘Google web search help” “search basics” and “more search help”

Of course, everyone knows and loves the “Google Keyword Tool” but what about;

Google Trends – helps you to see what people are currently interested in

Google Insights – find out even more info on what people are searching for

And not forgetting Google Labs too…

To help improve your own website visibility, then why not use;

Google Webmaster Tools – a one stop shop FULL of webmaster resources to help get your site optimized and indexed

Some other free and fantastic Google search engine marketing tools are;

iGoogle – a great starting point, where you can centralize, or aggregate all the Google search engine marketing tools, gadgets, widgets, and resources.

Google Bookmarks – save all your favorite sites, and attach keyword rich labels, and annotations, even though its now a “no follow’ attribute, yet it’s still a worthy asset.

Google Profiles – seldom used, but truly effective, is your own Gmail profile, you can create some great “do follow” backlinks from your Google Profile to your own site, what could be better..?

Goggle Knol – get some web authority, create, and collaborate upon, then, publish credible web content at Google Knol.

Google News can help announce your online presence with a impressive Press Release.

Google Base can finally help with your ROI generating you some great sales by promoting all your products & services.

And lastly don’t forget all those valuable “do follow” backlinks that your getting from Google’s own Search Engine Marketing Tools.

What next…is there life after Google…what do I do now..?

What other search engine marketing tools are available?

Well; I find that submitting my website to web directories is a great way to increase my web presence, improve search engine ranking, pagerank, and get quality one way backlinks too.

Social Bookmarking is another great asset, especially; if you insert your keywords into the tags, this can, not only improve your web presence, but provide a steady stream of traffic to your site.

What about article writing such as this…article submissions is another great way to create awareness about your self, or your site, more traffic streams, and helping to establish authority too.

Finally a little tip…why not collect all your fresh new web content, URL’s, including, social bookmarks, tags, RSS feeds, any relevant web 2.0 properties, twitter posts you may have, and Ping them all..! This will send ALL the search engines running to come and check out your new web content, and help push you up, into those top search engine rankings for your chosen SEO keywords!

So; All in all…just by reading this one article I’m confident it has given you some fresh, new ideas on how to market your products, more effectively, and really improve your search engine rankings.

Don’t give up, it’s not easy to penetrate today’s online markets, I know, and I truly sympathize with you…but always remember; tomorrow’s battle is won during today’s practice…